Edgy Ellen

The Merrymakers

LNAndes_EdgyEllen_3I don’t know if I’ve ever written down the story of Ellen and I, It has become so evident that it seems hard to remember. Anyway… we met around 10 years ago at school when destiny decided we had to work on the same project. It was about time that we were introduced to each other since at least five random people came to me with the question if she was my sister. Apparently after being at the same school for three monts already, except for us, everyone noticed the fact that we look a bit alike. So it happened we became friends that share a lot of good, bad things and a passion for knitwear.


At that time Ellen was already knitting for her family and friends, she gave me my first beanie before the official launch of her LN brand. Slowly and thanks to a lot of word-of-mouth…

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