idealistic realist

Don’t tell me she’s tired

tell me her eyes are heavy
with lack of sleep
that she can barely feel
the gears in her head working
tell me how badly she longs
for a quiet room and a soft bed

Don’t tell me she’s weak

tell me how her knees shake
with every step
how her ankles threaten to buckle
under the weight
tell me how often
she thinks about quitting
because she just doesn’t think
she can take it any longer

Don’t tell me she’s sad

tell me how she doesn’t want to get out of bed
how she dreads every single day
tell me how heavy her chest feels all the time
like she doesn’t know what to do with all this emotion
tell me how she cries
how expelling the tears feels like unloading the weight
and how sleep comes so easily afterwards

Don’t give me words

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