the way things are

A walk with my camera

The shanties that have been blocking the view of the bay have already been torn down and the evacuees have finally been relocated to temporary bunkhouses while waiting for the permanent shelters to be constructed.  Things are moving at a pace that a snail can run circles around it.  People have come to rely too much on relief goods and dole outs.  One misguided sector has started to demand cash and they are growing restless.  This does not bode well.  The relief phase should have been over weeks if not months ago and the recovery phase should have started immediately after that, but the government is dragging its feet.  

While some people wallow in self pity and helplessness, there are those who are eager to start anew.


Today is the maiden voyage of the floating tub Frigidaire.  I arrived just in time to witness the blessing of the bay…

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